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Testimonial From David Haydon

My acquaintance with Sifu Wang Jing is through learning Chen style Taiji and Yi Jin JIng Qigong from him in Perth, West Australia, from March 2007 until now. I have learned Taiji and Qigong from many teachers over a twenty-year period and judge that Sifu Wang Jing has exceptional abilities in his difficult field of endeavour. To achieve such high standards would have required exceptional focus, determination and discipline.

Sifu Wang Jing has held a number of private and public classes in Perth to teach Taiji and Qigong during this year, including public classes and demonstrations for Fremantle City Council. I have found Sifu Wang Jing to have very good teaching skills and have learned a great deal from him in a short time.

If any further clarification is required, please contact me.

David Haydon

Consulting Hydrogeologist

15 July 2007

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