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Testimonial From Lorraine

I have been slowed down and frustrated for many years with a back injury. By 2015 the pain increased which forced me to return to my Doctor as the medication was no longer holding my pain at bay. I was referred to a reputable Spinal Surgeon. CAT Scans and MRI scans revealed 4 prolapsed spinal discs. One of these discs located at the lumber 4/ 5 S1 level and had in fact trapped my sciatic nerve. I was advised surgery was the only answer to release the nerve from the bone, thus relieving me of pain, and it would not improve until then. I signed all relevant paperwork prior to leaving his office and surgery was assigned for the following week. A Hemi Laminectomy of the Level 4/5 disc, this being the removal of a small piece of bone from my spine. I did a lot of research throughout the following week and I became very frightened of the 'what ifs' despite being advised of it' simplicity. I cancelled my surgery, twelve months have now passed. My medication sometimes holds my pain at bay which was usually much worse for me when laying in bed.

I decided to join my local gym in the hope that if I did some strengthening exercises, use light weights and attend some classes also provided by my gym, I may strengthen my core. I attended 3 times a week, with the theory 'no pain no gain' but mine became debilitating and I returned to ponder the surgery.

In June 2016 I discovered information regarding Chi Gong and Yi Jin Jing. Despite not knowing what this was, lessons were local. My friend who suffers an Auto Immune condition with severe Arthritis which for 18months almost crippled her rendering it very difficult for her to walk for any distance, stand or do most daily tasks decided to also attend classes as she too, went down the gym road with disastrous results.

I can't express enough the change I have felt in my back. No longer do I experience pins and needles in my foot nor the occasional numb toes. I could not believe the improvement just from my attending classes and tried to come up with reasons as I truly doubted it was Chi Gong. I was so very wrong.

The condition of my friend is amazing, something which needs to be seen to be believed. She experiences a lot of discomfort during her exercises but has persevered. This lady is now able to do a lot more of what she thought was gone. She looks forward to returning to her specialist so he can see the difference.

We are being taught by Master Wang in Mandurah. I cannot speak highly enough of this humble, experienced man, who twice weekly gently pushes you to achieve what you can for your body in a correct way. Yi Jin Jing focuses on stretching your tendons and conditioning your mind.

I understand that what I have written sounds a little far fetched. If I was reading it, I too would have doubt over its honesty, however it is an honest insight into what is happening for my friend and I.

I have no problem talking with anyone who requires more re-assurance.

Lorraine 04xxxxxx38

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